January 8th, 2011


I feel trendy.

Today started out pretty good, I slept in and felt the urge to spam text everyone right when I woke up. At first I felt like a loser because only 2 ppl texted me back one of which was my brother. haha. But the other was John from work and he is a pretty cool guy. He invited me to go with him up to Park City to go to the Ansel Adams exhibit. We all met up at his place before heading out. There were 1 other person there I knew besides John. Everyone else was very nice though. Apparently they are all atheist or meet up at atheist meeting or something. I think like 4 of them used to be LSD but are now atheist. And 3 of them were French speakers. So after viewing the exhibit I was eating a vegan cookie, drinking a rasberry mocha discussing the merits of Ansel Adam's work with French Atheists in Park City. ....Hipster? lol I really want to see the next exhibit they have up there too but Sundance is in a couple of weeks and I really don't feel like dealing with that.

After we had dinner at a Greek restaurant where I found out that someone killed their gay lover at the Intercontinental Hotel in Times Square. Apparently the room was just covered in blood. O____o;;; Glad I wasn't at work today haha. We then talked about driving in other cities and getting lost in new places. Where I complained a lot about San Jose being retarded. Also the waitress was very nice she forgot to bring out the hot sauce I had asked for so she brought me a second cup of soup with the hot sauce. I left her a $2 tip for a $5 meal. :)

But yeah today so far has been pretty fun. I'm proud of myself for actually leaving the house and being social. I'm really bad at doing that I can just hole myself up in my house for days on end and be perfectly happy drawing and watching drama's hahaha. ^^;;
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