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SMTOWN Tour~ super long reporrt

Hello LJ! I havn't posted to you in seems like a thousand years! I haven't really had much to post or I just feel lazy and don't post of check. But with the recent trip to LA I'm just bubbly with fandom still. x3 For those of you that really don't know what the heck SMTown is it's pretty much a korean pop label. They go on tour every year with their most popular artists like Boa Shinee Super Junior and Girl's Generation.

The trip though was freakin' amazing~ I went with my friend Eiji just the two of us. We flew in on friday. Once we landed we headed to K-town via bus for some lunch/dinner, karaoke and met up with my friend Ka wai. The dish I had I can't remember the name of but it was firey chewy noodles. It was like chewing on fire! xD Then the Karaoke place was in the same complex so we just had to go upstairs to get to it. It was so fun! They had disco lights and a fog machine in the room! They pretty much only had Korean and Japanese songs too which was AMAZING~! lol We tried our hand at some Super Junior songs like No Other and Sorry Sorry but our Hanja reading skillzor sux. So We just sorta tried to sing along best we could lol. But my furigana is a little better so I was able to sing a few jpop songs. The song we did best on though according to the machine was the YATTA! song. x3 After we headed over to J-town and checked out the bookstore there. I got a USxUK key chain and Ka Wai got a bowl of Ramen since he didn't eat earlier with us.  I then picked up a bottle of mak guli from the grocery store. And ppl Mak Guli is like sake's drunk hill billy cousin. It was awful.

After adventures in K/J-town we headed back to the hotel where I had my bottle of cheap mak guli. Eiji left to talk with her boy friend since they had a fight earlier. So it was just Ka Wai and me and it's super obvious we like each other but he' just as shy as I am and he'll be moving back to Hong Kong soon so there was just much awkwardness in the hotel room with me getting drunk. ^^;; I enjoyed his company though.

The next day me and Eiji tried to take a cab to the Train system to get to the staples center but the cabby totally tried to haggle us into taking him all the way to the staples center saying that there was no station near the airport or the staples center. Which is a big FAT lie. So he dropped us off at the central bus station next to the hotel which cost us $10. We caught a bus then that went all the way to the staples center. :3 We then loitered around the staples center forever. I think we got there around 3 and the doors opened at 6. At the convention center next door they had a meet up for Girl's Generations fans and the Koreaboo meet up for all the fan forums.

Once we were inside they took my camcorder away. I almost got away with it too! sad. Oh well next year. And they had no merchandise for sale!!! They did have programs though that were pretty much picture books with a few paragraphs at the beginning. x3 We then made our way to our seats which would have been amazing for a basketball game but sorta sucked for the concert. We were close but adjacent to the side of the stage. So I could barely see the jumbo screen and I saw the side of the stage. The lights shined in my eyes the whole time. When the artists would walk along the cat walk to the stage on the other side though I could see them well.  There were 2 opening singers that I had no idea who they were but they did a good job. After that (F)x sang a few songs including Tik Toc. lol. then Kangta from H.O.T (super old boy band from like the 90's lol) sang a few songs. Then I think Shinee came on and sang a few songs like Juliette. Then I can't quiet remember the song order because I was freaking out so much. But Eunhyuk and Shindong and a Shinee guy sang a rap song then after that Kyuhyun sang a duet with someone from Girl's Generation. Kyuhyun is my absolute favorite so I cried when he came out on stage! I always made fun of Kurai for crying when she saw Kyo from Dir en Grey and Kimi for fainting when we saw Utada but now I can't really say anything since I was bawling. lol. It was just amazing. And the next best part Is when Henry and Heechul sang a song and Heechul did some AMAZING fanservice x333333.

After the concert we loitered some and saw Tae min drive out. He stopped and waved at us. We also saw someone from Girl's Generation. Then we went over to the bar that they had the after party for. There was a huge window where you could kinda see them so ppl were just hanging out there. And every now and again one of them would come out and wave. I only really saw Yesung pick up his pink bag and leave. But shing dong waved at us and I saw him wave and smile very clearly x333333.  But after that was pretty much uneventful and we headed home. :D

All in all the trip was AMAZING and I'm really hoping they'll come back next year to LA!

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