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Keep Your Head Down.

Holy man I slept a lot today. Like 11-12 hours. Last night I stayed up late because of D&D and Music bank. I had lots of fun playing D&D but our DM Chris was getting kinda annoyed toward the end because Kimi and I kept having out of game side conversations. We just kept jibber jabering about cosplay and DBSK's comeback stage. haha. In game was fun though. We found a magical book translated it and talked with some gangster ppl. While my character fished.....I play a half elf shaman and everything we were doing involved magical knowledge and high INT or CHA .....=____= So I'm like weeee~ for RP.

After game though Brooke gave me a ride home around 1am. I then sat at my computer trying to get KBS to stream on my computer because I thought wasn't showing Music Bank. After trying and trying for like an hour I got it to kinda work on some site. Apparently I was right about KST it was on at 2am not 3am~! Finally after watching 2 performances with horrible lag I decided to check kpopflash and guess what they were playing it. It was a god send that site always has such hq video without like any lag.  I was lucky and caught the waiting room part with DBSK. Changmin was holding up a really good piece of fanart and read the message which was in ENGLISH~ lol. So I was like I can understand you~ /happy tears. Usually I just catch a few nouns and verbs here and there but it was full sentences. :D The performance was just amazing~ They're so good live. But to me it looked like they were a little glossy eyed. Changmin had this look on his face like "I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna cry~"  It could just be me though ahaha .

Here is the Performance if you care to watch. Lol engrish. We still standing here. The actual song starts at like 1:18.


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