Cosplay Picnic

Tomorrow is the Cosplay picnic. Apparently there will be over 50 people attending~ Omg I'm so excited. I'm kinda nervous to cuz I'm wearing my Kiku Yukata version....Which is a really simple costume but the more I'm learning about sewing I'm like ..../facepalm man I suxor. lul At least I'll have fun hanging out with everyone. ~ There will be epic photoshoots and anime dorkness to be had.

Also I'm super excited for The Airbender movie to premier. xDDDDD I don't care the casting sux. I'm still such a fantard that I'm excited~ x3
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Epic Belly Shirt

Ok so I officially can't use my original design for a formal version of Ty Lee from Avatar the Last Airbender. The belly shirt is a no no. What I was going to originally going to do was pretty much this Ada Wong with a belly shirt. But I guess that is way to much skin for their taste. They allow full backs showing I don't see why they don't let me do the belly shirt since it's how the character actually dresses. =_________=;; Back to the drawing boards.
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Today is the last day in a while that I'll be working overtime~! I'm so happy I could cry happy happy tears. x3 Now comes the super crunch before Fanime. Woo hoo~! Tomorrow I'm going over to Spoo's house with a few other people and we're gonna work on our costumes. :3 Hopefully we'll get more done this time. I'm sure we will since last week Spoo wanted everyone to get to know eachother since we all sorta never really have hung out before. Last time we got drunk and watched Jibriru...? I think that's how you spell it. But it's a hilarious hentai. And apparently we're gonna do a group cosplay from it. xD I'm not sure maybe we'll get it done for AX or NDK hopefully AX since it's cold at NDK.
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I love Hetalia.

Has anyone seen those CDs they made of the seiyuu's just counting like 400 sheep? WTF Hetalia wtf?

Oh and is anyone going to Fanime end of May?
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Pretty Pictures~!

I'm super poor and working overtime and work so I can go to fanime~! Also I've Opened my DA account up for cheap commissions. Starting at $3~! Come and take a look~! If your a fan of Hetalia or a Narutard you'll enjoy my work~! /hoars self out some moar.

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Rehersal Time~

Last night was rehearsal for Nihon Matsuri. It went well I think. Kimi and I were a little late. ^^; Well everyone else was early so I guess were right on time. lol But Kimi is in charge of the event so we had to set up the meeting table really quick while everyone stood around. ^^ Everyone got along wonderfully though. Hinata even apologized to Spoo about their little tiff. :3 So that's done with on the Hinata end. From what I've heard the other guy that was causing issues will probably never take his head out of his ass lawl. OH well. But the Fashion show is supposed to run about an df and each cosplayer is supposed to be on stage for about 5 min. When we did the run through each person was only on stage for about 2.....So yeah we need to stretch everything out. So I probably will dance Miku Miku shite ageru after the levan polka is done playing since each song is like 2 min. :3 It's also pretty neat that at the end of the day XCDX will change into their vocaloid costume and dance love love joy. It'll just be a big dancing vocaloid party lawl.
After the rehearsal last night though we went to Olive Garden. :3 It was really fun pretty much all but 4 ppl , i think, didn't go. I finally got to meet Ten Ten and Roxas which was fun. I'm so excited to go on a road trip with them. We all sat around and otaku-ed up that place. The sebastian cosplayer was in costume and I was wearing my wig and tie. I got a really blurry pic of her holding a glass of wine glass. I wish I would have taken a better picture because it was perfect. ^o^ I had a glass of White zin then Spoo ordered an ENTIRE bottle of red wine. We were the only ones that were drinking too. So I was pretty trashed considering I hadn't eaten since about 10am and I was only eating a little zuccini and mushroom stuffers... I think I freaked the Sebastian cosplayer out because of that.... She's a senior in High School.....OTL I feel old. lol 8D
Everyone in UTAH      Come to Nihon Matsuri in Costume and you'll get goodies. I'm not sure what these goodies will be but Cherie said goodies and when she says goodies it usually means it tastes pretty good. :3
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Takarazuka meme thingy

Stole from flower_ballet.
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